Call for Volunteer Area Chairs and Reviewers

We would like to invite applications from all members of the multimedia research community to join and serve on the technical program committee (TPC) of ACM Multimedia 2019, either as Area Chair (AC) or Technical Program Committee (TPC) member. This call aims to broaden participation in the review process, and ensure a diverse set of TPC members, so that we form a strong technical program that includes a full range of perspectives.

ACs play a pivotal role in the review process of ACM Multimedia 2019.  Each AC is responsible for soliciting reviews for up to 10 papers in his or her area of expertise, summarizing the strengths and weaknesses of each submission, making a recommendation, and presenting the recommendation at the TPC meeting.  An AC might also be contacted to assist other ACs in contentious papers to help finalize a recommendation before the TPC meeting. The TPC meeting will be held in Amherst, MA, on 16-17 June 2019 (co-located with ACM MMSys and in between ACM ICMR and CVPR), the attendance of which is compulsory for ACs. The ACs are expected to work closely with the TPC co-chairs to manage the review process in the 3-month period 1 April to 1 July 2019.

TPC members provide constructive feedback to the authors and a detailed evaluation of 5-10 submissions to the ACs and TPC chairs to help form the technical program of ACM Multimedia 2019. Being a reviewer is a serious role as it serves as the frontline to ensure that rigorous, novel, and interesting scientific results get accepted and published while seriously flawed submissions do not. As such, reviewers can shape the progress and the direction of the research field in the long run.  We ask that applicant reviewers be ready to commit serious time and effort in reviewing each submissions if accepted into the TPC. The reviewing period will start on 1 April 2019 and run over 6 weeks until 13 May 2019.  Responding to authors rebuttal and AC request will run until 1 July 2019.

To be selected as an AC or a reviewer, you must be an active researcher having published regularly in peer-reviewed, reputable conferences or journals over the past years, and have demonstrated expertise in one or more research areas in our call for papers.

The TPC chairs will invite additional ACs and reviewers in parallel to the application process to form an integrated TPC team.

DeadlineFebruary 1, 2019 (passed)
(We are still collecting volunteers for reviewer, although the official deadline has passed)

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