Call for Workshops

ACM Multimedia is the premier international conference in the area of multimedia within the field of computer science. Multimedia research focuses on integration of the multiple perspectives offered by different digital modalities including images, text, video, music, sensor data, spoken audio.

ACM Multimedia 2019 will host a series of workshops and is inviting workshop proposals. The purpose of the workshops is to emphasize current and emerging topics of particular interest to the community.

Proposal Format
Each workshop proposal (maximum 4 pages, in PDF format) must include:

  1. Title of the workshop.
  2. Workshop organizers (name, affiliation and short biography).
  3. Scope and topics of the workshop.
  4. Rationale:
    • Why the workshop is related to ACM Multimedia 2019.
    • Why the topic is important.
    • Why the workshop may attract a significant number of attendees.
  5. Workshop details:
    • A draft call for papers (including organizers, program committee, and steering committee if any). Organizers are expected to be fully committed and present at the workshop.
    • Workshop tentative schedule (number of expected papers, duration full/half day, format talks/posters, etc.). We encourage full-day events that demonstrate the interest of the community in the proposed topic and guarantee the commitment of the organizers. Half-day proposals are also welcome but expected to provide a rationale for the proposed duration.
    • Names of potential participants and invited speakers (if any).
  6. Workshop history:
    • If there are past workshops, the history of the workshop.

Workshop proposal submission takes place in two independent rounds, and acceptance decisions will be made at each round. The first round is well suited for mature workshop proposals (e.g. that are already planned or that have been organized in previous years), and gives more time to workshop organizers to promote their event. The second round allows more time for proposal preparation. In cases of close thematic similarity, workshop proposals might be invited to merge.
Workshop proposals rejected in the first round might be invited to resubmit in the second round as long as they address the comments they receive in the first round.
Please submit your proposal to:

Important Dates (hard deadlines)
Workshop proposal round 1 submission: 20 Dec 2018
Workshop proposal round 1 notification: 20 Jan 2019
Workshop proposal round 2 submission: 15 Feb 2019
Workshop proposal round 2 notification: 1 Mar 2019
Workshop paper submission: 8 July 2019
Workshop paper notification: 5 Aug 2019
Workshop paper camera-ready: 19 Aug 2019

Please address questions to Workshop Chairs
Yannis Avrithis, Inria Rennes
Daniel Gatica Perez, Idiap-EPFL