Conference Venue



The conference venue will be the Nice Acropolis Convention Centre. The Centre is located in the heart of downtown Nice, and is also reachable from the airport in 15 minutes. The Centre building was designed by architects Buzzi, Bernasconi, and Baptiste and opened its doors in 1984. A major renovation in 2011-2012 led to today’s carefully designed interior layout, and to the gardens, fountains, and numerous works of art that surround the building.

The Centre has hosted over 5,000 events (conventions and exhibitions), drawing a total of more than more than 7 million participants. The venue’s appeal has won it numerous awards, and has been recently referred to as “Europe’s number one convention centre”.

The Acropolis Centre is a well-suited venue for ACM Multimedia due to its state-of-the art equipment and modular spaces. We will take advantage of the fact that it is one of the most versatile convention and exhibition sites in Europe. The Centre is capable of accommodating extremely large-scale events, however, the modularity allows us to create a space that is perfectly suited as a self-contained area of the right size for ACM Multimedia. The conference will have use of the entire second level of the Centre into which it fits perfectly.