ConfLab: Meet the Chairs!


Are you interested in getting the most of ACM Multimedia 2019? Interested in learning more about how to leverage your network with the most influential members of the community? Interested in discussing new research ideas, starting new collaborations and making new scientific friendships?

Then we invite you to participate in ConfLab: Meet the Chairs!, our very own conference living lab at ACM Multimedia 2019. This is a social gathering event where you get to meet the organisers of the Multimedia Conference and learn about the community values with leaders and peers.

Participating in ConfLab:Meet the Chairs! also involves donating your interaction data to co-create the biggest multi-modal social dataset to date. This will be recorded by cameras and wearable sensors which will allow us to analyze our networking patterns. The more people that take part, the more data is available for the community to use and develop models for. To protect your privacy, your personal information is made available only to you and is anonymized by the research group leading the experiments.

The science and technology behind ConfLab will be presented in depth at a tutorial on Friday 25 October.

Come join us in helping to shape the future of our community! Signup and more information is available at:


This initiative is a collaborative venture of the Socially Perceptive Computing Lab led by Hayley Hung (Delft University of Technology, Netherlands) with close coordination and support from the ACM MM 2019 General Chairs.